Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which was widely used throughout the twentieth century in construction materials, insulation, electrical materials, automotive products and many others products. Unfortunately, Asbestos causes several diseases which are life altering and often terminal.

What diseases can be caused by Asbestos?
Mesothelioma– is a rare cancer which usually occurs in the lining of the lung. The cancer is very aggressive and affects approximately 3,000 people a year. In the United States, asbestos is widely accepted as the only known cause of mesothelioma.

Lung Cancer– asbestos can also cause cancer within the lung. Lung cancer is more easily treated than mesothelioma. Although smoking is a very well known cause of lung cancer, most people do not realize that someone who smokes and is also exposed to asbestos is far more likely to develop lung cancer than someone who only smokes. Scientists have found a synergistic effect between smoking and lung cancer leading to a higher risk of disease.

Asbestosis– is scarring within the lung. This disease can cause severe limitations in breathing capacity and energy levels severely curtailing the life style of those who suffer from this disease. In some cases, asbestosis can be fatal.

When do asbestos diseases develop?
Asbestos diseases have a long latency period. Which means that often the disease is not diagnosed until decades after a person is exposed to asbestos. Thus, many people are not diagnosed with an asbestos disease until they are in their retirement years.

Who gets asbestos-related diseases?
Asbestos diseases are dose response diseases, the more exposure you have, the more likely you are to develop disease. Despite this fact, mesothelioma can develop even in people who have only had minor exposures.

Thus, not only can the worker who was working directly with asbestos develop disease, but so can the worker of another trade who was not working directly with asbestos but was in the same room (“by-stander exposure”) and the worker’s spouse and children who are only exposed to the asbestos brought home on the worker’s clothes and person (“household exposure”).

What trades could be exposed to asbestos?

  • Construction both professional and home renovations;
  • Plumbers;
  • Electrical workers;
  • Gas, oil, chemical and Power Plant workers;
  • Plastic manufacturing;
  • Paper mills;
  • U.S. Navy Sailors;
  • Shipyard workers;
  • Insulators;
  • Painters and tappers and joiners;

What to expect if you decide to pursue litigation?
Asbestos lawsuits are typically filed against the manufacturers and suppliers of asbestos products as well as the businesses that installed the products. Often a person is exposed to asbestos from numerous sources requiring multiple companies to be sued. The exposures occurred decades ago requiring the attorneys to marshal evidence and testimony dating back decades. Additionally, to successfully pursue a lawsuit relating to asbestos disease the attorneys also have to utilize an extensive amount of medical and scientific literature and often are forced to hire numerous expert witnesses to help present this evidence to the jury and the courts.

Why should I hire Cole | Reichek to help me?
Kyla Cole has been litigating mesothelioma and other asbestos cases for over twelve years. She has successfully represented many people diagnosed with asbestos disease all over the country. Kyla has been responsible for handling these cases from beginning to end, from the first interview through the trial and every step in between. Additionally, she is familiar with each of the asbestos trades listed above and how those workers were exposed to asbestos.

Although Kyla enjoyed working with a national law firm that employed as many as fifty attorneys in multiple states, she believes the one-on-one service that she can offer her clients at Cole | Reichek provides a better alternative. You can be sure that your case will not be one of thousands. You can be sure that your case will be handled exclusively by Kyla and that you will not be constantly dealing with a rotating cast of attorneys and support staff. For these reasons, we believe that Neill Legler Cole PLLC offers a better alternative for asbestos and mesothelioma victims. We look forward to discussing our unique representation with you and we promise that your experience with Neill Legler Cole PLLC will be a unique family experience.