Representing Employees For Over 20 Years

Our attorneys devote their practice entirely to the representation of employees and individuals. Christine Neill and Jane Legler each have over twenty years of experience representing employees in disputes with their employers throughout the State of Texas, and are Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. In addition to Kyla Cole’s substantial experience litigating on behalf of employees, she spent twelve years representing personal injury and wrongful death claimants in complex multi-million dollar cases nation-wide. Today, she continues to represent individuals harmed by company work environments or products, in addition to litigation of employment disputes. With our decades of experience, we offer representation employees and individuals can trust..

Our numerous clients have included executives of public and private companies, first line managers and other employees, including those who have been injured, in a wide array of businesses and industries. We assist employees on matters involving employment contracts, severance packages, hostile workplace harassment and termination. By working with clients to protect their interests, and to understand their options, including aggressive pursuit of litigation when warranted, we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our extensive involvement in litigation of employment and injury claims over the years, including hundreds of depositions and court hearings as well as pursuit of numerous cases through trial and arbitration, ensures our clients have the benefit of experienced representation.

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